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TripAdmit’s powerful digital tipping solution that doesn’t require an app or any additional hardware, enable guests to tip without cash and guides to receive payments seamlessly.

Our tipping solution is entirely digital, providing a swift, effortless, and practical way for guests to tip digitally. Thanks to our ‘TipDirect’ technology, guests can now make contactless payments through their iPhone or Android phone, eliminating the need for bulky card readers.

TipDirect is now live!
Maximise tipping returns

Three Tipping Solutions in One

Our all-in-one package brings together three incredible solutions, providing you with unparalleled flexibility to meet your guests’ tipping preferences effortlessly.

With our innovative offering, guests can choose how they want to tip: whether it’s a simple tap-to-tip method, scanning a QR code, or utilising a convenient direct payment link

But that’s not all. We also equip activity providers with the power of artificial intelligence review generation, posted directly on popular platforms like Google or TripAdvisor.

Our integrated AI review system allows you to gather valuable insights and feedback from your guests. Through advanced algorithms and machine learning, you can gain a deeper understanding of your guests’ experiences, increasing your online visibility and credibility.

Built for guides

Benefits For

  • Boost your earnings: digital tips are on average 10% higher than cash.
  • Embrace the cashless world: no more excuses for not having cash.
  • Instant payouts: enjoy immediate payouts for your hard work.
  • Don’t worry about cost: Guests pay the fee, ensuring you receive 100% of the tip.
  • Quick and easy: Start accepting tips instantly with the QR code.
  • Real-time feedback: Receive valuable feedback to enhance your services.
  • Secure your earnings: digital tips eliminate the risks of theft or loss associated with cash.
  • Hygiene Conscious: Contactless payments for a safer and more hygienic tipping experience.
No Sign Up Fee!

Pay As You Go

5.9% Transaction Fee Covered By Your Guest
0 Monthly
  • No set-up or monthly fees
  • Instant payouts
  • Personal TipDirect card
  • Unique personal tipping link & QR code
  • Reporting
  • Apple & Google Pay

Unlimited Tips

Processing Fees Covered By Your Guest
29 Monthly
  • Unlimited cashless tips
  • Instant payouts
  • Personal TipDirect card
  • Unique personal tipping link & QR code
  • Reporting
  • Apple & Google Pay
Ease of use

How It Works

  1. Guide presents their own unique card or QR Code to the customer
  2. Customers hold their phone to the guide’s card; a link automatically brings them to a screen where they can enter the amount they wish to tip.
  3. Transactions are done using a Stripe secure payment checkout or Apple/Google pay depending on the customer’s device.
  4. Guides receive the tips into the bank account of their Choice
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Getting Started


1.Sign Up
It only takes a minute or two.


2. Add Payment Details
Plug in your Stripe or bank details


3. Download QR Code
Start earning tips immediately

4. Order Cards
Start tapping

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