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TripAdmit’s powerful digital tipping solution that doesn’t require an app or any additional hardware, enable guests to tip without cash and guides to receive payments seamlessly. Our tipping solution is entirely digital, providing a swift, effortless, and practical way for guests to tip digitally. Thanks to our ‘Tap to Tip’ technology, guests can now make contactless payments through their iPhone or Android phone, eliminating the need for bulky card readers.

Three Tipping Solutions in One

We have combined three different solutions into one package, which offers you the flexibility to cater to the needs of your guests, regardless of how they prefer to tip.

Whether they want to tap to tip, through QR code or via a direct payment link, you can accommodate their preferences easily and seamlessly.

Benefits For
The Company

Benefits For
Your Staff

How it Works

1. Register at TripAdmit

Create a profile and you are most of the way there to start increasing your tips.

2. We will deliver your cards

All printed and with the chips embedded and encoded personalised to you.

3. Start earning digital tips

Start taping that card or scanning the QR code to start receiving cashless tips. Easy!

Benefits for Everyone

Implementing a digital tipping solution offers benefits to both activity providers and tour guides, as well as providing an enhanced experience for guests.

  • Tour guides can earn more money than they would with traditional standalone cash-based tipping.
  • With increased guide earnings, stay one step ahead of the competition in attracting and retaining the best guides.
  • Enhance customer experience by offering a more seamless and user-friendly way to show appreciation.
  • Digital tipping solutions can offer greater security and peace of mind to both guests and guides.
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors and position your company as innovative and customer-focused.
AI Review|TripAdmit

Leveraging the
power of AI for Reviews

In an industry first, TripAdmit has recently implemented Open AI’s Chat GBT to automate the process of visitors writing reviews for their tours and activities.

Reviews are incredibly important for ensuring that your tour or activity offering is the first result that potential customers see when searching on Google.

By leveraging the power of AI, TripAdmit is able to collect more reviews for you and improve your Google ranking, which ultimately leads to increased bookings and revenue.

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